The one that got away

Illiard’s Reinvigorated Irregulars was at long last revived last weekend.

A tradition that had begun some 10 years or so ago, where  hordes would assemble at Illiards command to imbibe xmas cheer, the event had foundered in more recent years.

In its heyday scores would gather at the Palisades in the Rocks to tell tall tales as the year drew to a close. As the years wore on the event moved to the Oaks in Neutral Bay and thence to the Mosman hotel as the primary crew looked to more amenable pastures closer to the beloved peninsula.

After a 5 year hiatus the Irregulars was reinvigorated and the crew found some postage stamp sized real estate on a corner of the Wharf at Manly – the poopdeck. As the heavily laden salt air sighed across the last rays of the day, those able drew nectar from their glasses.

Onwards to the Manly Phoenix – tales in the round as the lazy sussan spun.

Tame can be seen telling those who cared just how big it was – not sure what – his anatomy? someone else’s? a wave? a fish?……the one that got away.

Oompah’s back!