Darts GF next wednesday

The former Fishos, now Dee Why Master Builders 3 darts team managed to win the elimination final against Dee Why Master Builders 4 team to meet Time & Tide in the Grand Final at Manly Leagues club next Wednesday, 23 November from 7:30pm.

The darts constitution requires that all finals be held at away venues, so no team gets home court advantage, hence the all Dee Why Master Builders elimination final was held at Leagues as holding the final at Builders would have given both teams home advantage.

Time & Tide had comfortably beaten Builders 3 the week before at Pittwater RSL to gain their place in the GF and were rewarded with a week off to rest those niggling darts injuries and prepare psychologically for the battle ahead. They spent last Wednesday at Leagues watching the elimination final, scoring, commenting on form and generally checking out the opposition.

Of note last Wednesday was the 9-2 result. Normally, a final finishes when a team gets 8 wins but the first 2 single games finished on the same dart with both pegging darts in the air at the same time. It was unclear which dart hit the board first to claim the night.