Hef – Movember’s beer

Has Movember jumped the shark? It’s a 15 minute walk from my office to the ferry, and that means I walk past plenty of people and see plenty of dials. For the last 5(?) years, November’s ambles have the added appeal of seeing familiar faces change as blokes grow moustaches. Movember is a phenomenon as charity events go. It’s worldwide, it’s high profile and it’s end of Movember parties are legendary. This year, however, I’ve noted a distinct drop in the number of mo’s around town and I just wonder whether it’s done its dash. It’s hard to sustain – when was the last time you saw a red nose? That was huge for a while. In the same way, Movember was massive and every second bloke proudly bristled up. This year though, I reckon the ranks are thinning.

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Now if Movember was going to have a beer, it’d have to be Hef from Burleigh Brewing. You’ve gotta love the sense of humor of the boys north of the Tweed. Go to their website and they freely admit they haven’t really got around to it. Hef’s good warm weather drinking stuff. Cloudy in the glass, a strong nose and plenty of wheaty goodness. Another one, please. Why the mo? Don’t know.

Nice and cloudy