State of Origin & Red Oak Organic Pale Ale – incurable malaise?

Redoak Organic Pale Ale

Redoak Organic Pale Ale

The Rugby League season is drawing to a close here in NSW and the State of Origin is well and truly lost (2-1 to Queensland for those who care) but it has taken your correspondent this long to put his finger on why NSW cannot win it ever again – unless we take drastic action.

For the last 6 years NSW look beaten as they run out on to the ground for each game. Expressions are hangdog, body language is appalling. There is a seemingly incurable malaise. The Queenslanders run on and play like their next meal depends on it. I thought of a few theories – NSW players are after wedge and put club over a seemingly arbirtrary idea of your state of origin, the dominance and skill of the Queensland quartet of Smith, Slater, Thurston & Lockyer, the NSW players have a large cockroach as their inspiring mascot……..

These all play a part but I believe the root cause for the Queensland dominance is their siege mentality. For years when flying north from the southern capitals the joke before landing was to set your watch back 60 minutes and your mind back 60 years. Johannes “Joh” Bjelke-Petersen ruled Queensland from 1968 – 1987 through a combination of tough, Old West-style right wing policies and continual gerrymandering to maintain a political majority. Queensland became a laughing stock and they remained ignorant of this…till 6 years ago. Suddenly the world (or at least NSW) was against them and they banded together at this outrage.

How can NSW ever hope to beat this circle-the-wagons mentality and return the SASMAMSOO shield back to the rightful state? Easy. The NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell needs to ignore the left wing cronies of the State Liberal Party and send NSW back to the good old days of late 20th century Queensland. Ban gatherings larger than 2 persons, ban homosexuality, ban free thinking, close all the libraries, block the interweb, corrupt the police force (oops ..already done), maneouver political boundaries to his advantage. All these are a good start so that by next State of Origin the NSW Blues should be repressed sufficiently to form a tight, seamless unit and take back the honours.


Pick it up Blues! pommy_ch is losing interest

With that problem solved let’s move on to todays beer of interest, Redoak Organic Pale Ale. Redoak have a cracking bar and brewery on Clarence St in Sydney’s CBD that we reviewed earlier.

Here at botf we are fan of their beers but for me, not this one so much. I found the Redoak Organic Pale Ale had a heady, almost overripe fruit smell, was cordial sweet and had lots of fizz. I though it might be a one off and a subsequent tasting was a little more pleasant. Still, not their finest hour in my humble opinion.