Little Creatures Bright Ale – two great things

Little Creature Bright Ale


Sibling beers to the Bright Ale are featured in earlier boft posts [ Original Pilsner & Pale Ale ]. Little Creatures Brewing is close to the sodden hearts of us botf contributors.

The first great thing is they were one of the brewers at the forefront of producing quality beers that were easily accessible alternates to mainstream tap beers (or so it seems to us – apologies to all and sundry as I have most likely not mentioned several score other brewers).

The second great thing is the Imperial Pint size bottle they sell it in. You don’t see many of these about. At 568mL it is the perfect size for tasting as one glass is sometimes not enough to appreciate the beer.

The Bright Ale is on the sweet side and is low fizz with the head disappearing fast after the pour. It has a some fruity tastes and is immensely drinkable.