Pigs Fly Pale Ale and Mittagong Pubs

Pigs Fly Pale Ale (and bikie)

This BotF correspondent recently composed a post on the side of a highway between Mittagong and Campbeltown when the Terios Chariot broke down. I had to return to Mittagong to pick up said Chariot and took the opportunity to spend an evening in this Southern Highlands Township.

The Lion Rampant Hotel

I had to travel to Mittagong by train and could only frequent pubs and accomodation near the train station. That meant two pubs – the Mittagong Hotel and the Lion Rampant. It was a Friday night and the Tiggers were playing the Dragoons. I decided to do one half in each hotel. I was staying at the Lion Rampant, so first half at the Mittagong – or as I soon christened it – the “Effing Count with the silent O” Hotel. Seriously, I used to get passionate about footy, but the cachophony of genital expressions for each team and each player was simply deafening. No team was ever onside, every second pass was forward and every third tackle was head high. Who’d ever be a ref. The slight majority of patrons were Saints fans, so at 8 – 0 dragoons – the pub was happy at half-time. I deliberated about buying a bottle of “Fucking Good White” as take-away, but thought better of it and headed to the Lion Rampant for the second half.

Pride of Bowral

Rampant by name, Ritalin by nature – the Rampant was dormant for the start of the second half. A shame really because the second half and Benji and Beau’s denouement was spectacular. The Rampant did offer a great beer by which to watch footy and that was Pigs Fly Pale Ale. This is an almost local drop in that it is made in Bowral, which is just down the road. The Mittagong Hotel offered the standard Toohey’s, Reschs, VB mix, but the Lion Rampant had a fridge with some variety. It is hard to tell whether Pigs Fly is actually made in Bowral is a contract brew – but who cares, because it is a gooood beer. Hoppy, tasty, and eminently drinkable. See it and drink it.

Mittagong Hotel

As a postscript, the day I visited the Lion Rampant when the car broke down the pub was full of bikies. That’s one in the background. of the top photo. It was an eye-opener for my daughter to be in their company. She was particularly intrigued by the lady who had “Property of Andrew” on her jacket. They’re a unique breed.