4 Pines Canadian Red Ale – O Canada

O Canada

One of the many appealing aspects of 4 Pines Brewery in Manly is their celebration of countries’ national days. 1 July is Canada Day or as some old-timers call it Dominion Day. To help get warm and fuzzy about all things red and white, 4 Pines has developed a Canadian Red Ale. I had this last year as well, and I’m glad to advise that Andrew the Brewer has kept the recipe consistent. It was a great beer last year and it is a great beer this year. There’s only one keg of it, so if you want a lash – get out there.

Canadian Red - the facts

Back of the Ferry was able to get sneaky early taste of the beer 4 Pines will be using to commemorate US Indepence Day. Andrew has developed a Rye IPA, and it is an absolute corker. I only got to try a very small amount, but it is a seriously big beer, high in alcohol, deep in flavour and has a wonderful aftertaste that goes on forever. If you are in Manly on Monday, then you’ve got to give it a go. BotF will be there for a pint for sure. It was good to have a chat to the brewer, and the staff were most hospitable to my lunch-time drinking companion.

Pancakes and in the background, a brewer