Leaving Bali on a Hai!

This BotF is brought to you from Carly ‘let’s go to the dodgy ladyboy’ club and Melanie ‘why don’t I get a hang over here’ Evans. From the balcony of room 175 Royal Beach Hotel, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia, 90210.

Having made the most of our Duty Free alcohol allowance with 4 bottles of French Champagne and then attempting just about every cocktail ever invented in Bali – it’s time to ease back into our usual drink of choice – Beer.

This post comes live from Seminyak Bali. A post code where it’s actually easier to find a Bintan T-shirt than a Bali Hai. Thank god the princess of the tour dragged the two ruffians into a deli (yes – a deli in Bali!) where we were able to source our drink of choice for this afternoon. Sascha ‘let’s just call guest services’ Hunt doesn’t drink beer, but deserves a special mention for insisting we go and aislewalk a Balianese deli. We are contemplating a banana import business given they are going for about 20 cents a kilo even though between the three musketeers a banana lover is no where in sight.

Anyway back to the beer….. Bali Hai is a classic brew of chosen malt, hops obtainable for satin smooth distinctive character. Well that’s what the label says. Our personal view is that consuming to many of these “Bali Hai’s” will no doubt lead to a legal high…all in all a tasty drop definitely worth the $1.50, however if not purchased in a posh Deli you would get this for under $1 for sure!

As the Balos say “Same same but different”