Whistler Brewing Co Premium Export Lager and Jackson’s on George 101

Nice looking bottle

BotF’s old mate Tipples (@Tipplesblog) recently lamented that in many instances the only beers brewers export are lagers. Often when I’ve looked up a brewer of obscure lager, I am disappointed to see that I am drinking the blandest of what can be extensive range.

"Brewed Exclusively with Whistler Glacier Water"

A classic example of this occurred before the ferry last Friday. Running early, I took the opportunity to duck into Jacksons on George for a heartstarter before the ferry. Being a 24 hour/7 day a week pub in the heart of Sydney’s tourist district, Jacksons is a pub I’ve tended to avoid – but every now and then a little jewel can be dug up out of the bar fridges in the George Street Bar. The George Street Bar is home of the Beer Hall of Fame. To become a member of the Beer Hall of Fame, one must register and then drink 101 different beers at Jacksons. There’s no time limit and the line-up that comprises the 101 changes quite regularly. Your reward is a personlised plaque on the wall.

Beer Drinkers Hall of Fame

I asked for the first beer I could see that I hadn’t tried and was “rewarded” with a Whistler Brewing Company Premium Export Lager. This is a classic example of the export lager being the least appealing of what a brewer makes. I don’t think they actually drink this in Canada. The website reveals that Whistler (@Whistlerbrewing) makes cornily named Powder Mountain Lager, Black Tusk Ale and Whiskey Jack Ale that promise far more taste than a “Premium Export Lager”. To be honest, I couldn’t finish this off, and I’ll be generous and suggest that I had an off bottle. Surely nothing made with “Whistler Glacier Water” could taste this bad unless the glacier run-off water ran through the men’s urinal.