Glassware Picks

Below is a snippet from on some very nice glassware.

While every type of beer has its special glass, you’re probably not going to have them all. So there’s the Connoisseur Collection, which comes with the basics for any beer lover and a cute little tasting notebook.

Tim Parsons’ black half pint glass has a sleek look and protects your cold beer from your warm hands. For a little more than a half pint, there’s the Opus rounded beer glass. A conical pint glass is a classic choice (and this one can be monogrammed).

The Bodum Assam double-walled cooler/beer glass combines a sophisticated look with practicality. If you want to bring the pub experience home with you, there’s a British style Imperial pint glass and the iconic dimpled beer tankard (far right). A less traditional (but gorgeous) choice is the Step Telc black tumbler, made from mouth-blown Czech crystal.