Cold nights need big beers, Sheaf Stout and Three Sheets

Autumn Moonlight

As we charge headlong towards the winter solstice, there is almost more sign of the sun in the air when the 6pm from Circular Quay sets sail. It’s pretty cool on the back deck and big beers are the order of the day. The sky has been clear and we’ve had some great moonlit evenings recently.

No danger, just good

Stouts are a fine drink for these sorts of trips home. Many Australian breweries produce a stout, and they are actually pretty good. Coopers Best Extra Stout, Southwark, Swan and Abbotsford Invalid are all great examples of Stout produced by now mainstream breweries. Sheaf Stout is a typical example. Despite now being produced by Carlton, Sheaf Stout is a NSW drop. The label hasn’t changed and it tastes pretty traditional as well. I reckon it has become a little thinner over the years, but it still has plenty of roasted flavour and and maltiness. It does the job on the trip home.

Always looks good

One of BotF’s favourite destinations in Sydney for a beer is the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel. The brewery produces 6 beers that it has on tap at the pub and two that it bottles and sells at classy bottle-shops. BotF has previously enjoyed Old Admiral which at 6.1% made for a meaty 6 pack on the way home. Tonight we were able to lay our hands on a 6 pack of Three Sheets. This is a really good pale ale. Plenty of heady hoppy aroma and no shortage of citrus on the palate. Made for a very pleasant journey and I look forward to ripping into one off the tap soon.

One Lord Nelson's finest