Hemingway’s Manly – the latest addition to Manly’s burgeoning bar scene

48 North Steyne, Manly

The street along the waterfront at Manly is known as the Steyne. Addresses to the south of the Corso are ## South Steyne and addresses to the North of the Corso are ## North Steyne. I’ve had a look on the ‘net and struggled to find the original meaning of the word Steyne. After much searching it I think it means stone, with one theory being that it is one big stone with two protrubing ends – North Steyne and South Steyne. I reckon that if your address ends in Steyne you have an address that is unique in the world (other than your neighbours).

Cool furniture, badly photographed

Therefore BotF reckons that it would be really unique (yeah, I know, you are unique or not) to go to two bar openings in the same week where the bars are 48 and 49 North Steyne, respectively. We enjoyed a Monday night first bevvy at Murray’s at Manly – that’s 49 North Steyne. Tonight, Hemingway’s Manly -that’s 48 North Steyne – opened. BotF was there, but we were unfortunately beaten to the punch as first customers by a trendy couple.

The lads and old books

So bladdamasta, pommy_ch and lambo ended up being officially the 3rd, 4th and 5th customers at Hemingway’s Manly. Hemingway’s has taken over the site of Brazuca, which was a Brazilian all-you-can-eat-meat-on-skewer joint. BotF was quite partial to Brazuca as we had our first Chilean beer here. Hemingway’s opening night tap beer offering was not unfamiliar to BotF, but White Rabbit Dark and Little Creatures Pale will not disappoint any discerning beer bloke.

Two from two on Manly opening nights in May

Manly is diversifying in bar types. The Steyne, the Brighton (under reno), the (Ivan) ‘hoe and the Manly Wharf are the beer barns. The Sugar Lounge and the Shore Club attract a doof, doof crowd. 4 Pines and Murray’s add significant amounts of class and beer heaven. To adopt a term that BotF’s fellow blogger – Tipples – uses, we are now seeing an influx of hipster bars. Safety Wolf started the trend, but like James Dean, promptly closed after achieving fame, but with a brief but coruscant time. Miss Marley and the Pony Room have emerged and now Hemingway’s at Manly has hit the scene. 3 blokes, including a flatmate of a Pony Room associate, have “taken on some debt” to have a crack. The owners have adopted a Fleet Foxes look with beards aplenty. The furnishings and fit out is classy and bookish – and the johns are interesting. They do food, but we were in and out pretty quickly and we’ll need to be back for a detailed look.

Some Newtown in Manly.