Broo “Australia’s Finest Premium” Lager

Very bubbly

Has there been kitscher beer label that the one that adorns the subject of today’s review? There are many shops near Circular Quay and at Manly that sell souvenirs that no self respecting Australian would ever have in their own home. Broo “Premium Australian Lager” would not look out of place next to the crocodile road signs, stuffed koalas, leather swag hats with bobbing corks and fake opal encrusted ash trays.

Australian hors d'oeuvres

The kitschness of the appearance is matched only by the blandness of the beer. This is more in the league of Tasman and Reschs Real, as opposed to the Premium Australian Lagers one finds in a boardroom or in a fridge at the local pub. I found it pretty thin and watery. Certainly not as crisp as a Cascade Premium for example.

Not funny

It’s a long stretch to claim to Australia’s Finest Premium Lager. A track record would help. The whole website supporting Broo takes a cheeky “Aussie Little guy living the dream making Australian Beer as opposed to Japanese beer”. Marketing over substance at this stage.