Point Plomer, Queens Beach and the rest of the road trip

The second half of last week was spent back at the cabins at the secluded Point Plomer, less than 100 metres to the beach. With the full crew of Rich, Lambo, Terry, Pup, Hof and myself, we had two cabins stocked up with supplies of beers and basic food items. Surfing wise there was plenty of options – the point, the beach break and the back beaches covering just about all weather conditions.

 We all enjoyed surfing the point with its long pealing waves. This was my choice in the mornings, some of the guys would head down the beach in search of barrelling waves. One of trips highlights was surfing an uncrowded back beach called Queens, on the opposite side of the point. This beach is protected from the nor-easter and we all caught excellent 2-3 foot waves late in the afternoon. 

After surfing, a few cold beers in the early evening – some of the boys had bought cases of Hahn Super Dry, apparently a good for the figure low carb beer with trivia questions on the bottle tops. We also had a 30 pack of VB cans, for a hard earned thirst, after a hard surf…. which disappeared fairly quickly.

Late into the evening we spent time on the beach sitting around a fire, more beers and doing some fishing. The fishing which was not massively successful, plenty of rays, port jacksons, wobbegongs and one decent flattie. The Hof in particular was amped up about us catching fish for dinner and had bought lemons and spices, but later in the evening the only decent fish, the flattie, was found strategically placed in his bedroom with a beer and some reading material. The fish went back in the fridge and was taken home the next day for what should make a good meal.

On the last day more surf at the point for me, down the beach for Rich and Lambo. We packed up, loaded the car, drove less than five kilometres to the other end of the beach, checked the waves, and found a perfect empty left wedge at 3-5’ and decided to have another surf (maybe the final one of the trip). More good waves, it would be along trip home at this rate.

On the road home, a stop for a pie at Crescent Head bakery and arrived home late Saturday night.