Estrella Damm Inedit and QM 2 and QE

Estrella Damm inedit

Toast to the Queen Elizabeth

At 6.10am, it’s not really the time to be splitting a six pack or tucking into a longneck each. Also, the visit of two of the world’s biggest Ocean Liners to Sydney Harbour at the same time deserves toasting with an unusual beer. That said, based on the price of a week on the Queen Mary 2, you’d probably be drinking this beer as the equivalent of Fosters and having a 750ml Chimay as a special drop.

Estrella Damm Inedit is a beer wanker’s wet dream, as it has been made in conjunction with a food wanker’s centrefold, El Bulli. I’m not sure what attracts Alsatian brewers to Barcelona, but like Moritz, the founder of SA Damm – August Damm – came from Alsace and set up a brewery in Barcelona in the 1800’s. For ages, their flagship beer was Estrella Damm – a beer that illiards has previously reviewed. In 2009 they released a beer called Inedit. To be honest I haven’t been able to endure the YouTube videos that explain the beer’s creation and best way to drink it to find out why it is called Inedit. The only bit that caught my attention was the statement that the 2 sommeliers of El Bulli spent two years trying other beers to work out what they wanted. The beer comes with a 20 page booklet that goes into excruciating detail about what is effectively a white beer with the obligatory orange and coriander. The beer is complex and solid in texture. Definitely a sipper and the citrus is prevalent. Next time in a restaurant, but as I said the Queens deserved a toast with a special beer.

Packed upstairs veranda bar

Queen Mary

The best way to see the rendevous of the Queen Mary 2 and the Queen Elizabeth was up close and personal by being on the ferry. I saw the QM2 from North Head in 2008 and that was an interesting perspective, but to see it from the waterline gave a better sense of how big these boats are. The Queen Mary 2 is the biggest ocean liner in the world, which is a hair split because there a difference between an ocean liner and cruise ship (the biggest cruise ship is bigger) is achronistically technical. The Back of the QM2 and the QE were both packed with wealthy geriatrics looking and waving at the many welcoming vessels. The fireboat was out and there would have been 6 choppers overhead.

New Cintra and new QE

QM2 towers over Botanic Gardens

On the way home, we got a further perspective of the size when we saw the QE dwarf the Overseas Passenger Terminal and the QM2 peer over the top of the Botanic Garden, whilst parked at Garden Island. Cintra was the drop on the way home, as traditional drinking methods replaced the champagne flutes and a bottle of beer that costs the same as a 6 pack. Sydney Harbour at its finest.

PS: Sorry for the extra posts today – still haven’t perfected the iPhone 4 blog.