Gold Medal Taiwan Beer and a belated Xin Nian Hao

Taiwan Beer off the Turn Bar

Yep - rice is an ingedient

The worst number one of the Triple J Hottest 100 was Denis Leary’s “Asshole”. One line sticks though – “I walk around in the summer time, sayin’ “How about this heat?””. It is difficult to think about anything else at the moment. How anyone can catch a train in Sydney at the moment is beyond me. Two stops to Circular Quay and I felt like I’d spent an hour wrapped in hot towels in a sauna in a furnace in the Sahara.

The heat is reminiscent of two days spent in Taipei, Taiwan in 2008. At 8.50am one morning it was 36 degrees. To combat the heat, the Taiwainese drink plenty of the local drop – Taiwan Beer. The distinguishing feature of Taiwan Beer is its use of rice in the mix. Sure, other beers do that – but I think every version of Taiwan Beer – including this Gold Medal version uses Formosa Rice. illiards and I found it particularly malty, quite drinkable, but not memorable. I found it in a bottlo in China Town and thought it a way to belatedly mark Chinese New Year. Xin Nian Hao to all. Taiwan’s not in China! Tell the Chinese that.

Taiwan Beer is made by the delightfully named Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation. Apparently there are other brewers now in Taiwan, but I don’t recall seing any other local drop other than differently packaged varieties of Taiwan Beer. The Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation sponsors a basketball team in Taipei, who are known as “Taiwan Beer“. Can’t believe an Australian sponsor hasn’t thought of that with one of the new teams. Melbourne Rebels? Just call ’em Rebel Sports. Still “Taiwan Beer” is much easier to say than “Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau Golden Dragons”, which was their former name.

The Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor needs some work on their website. Below is an extract of their explanation of their label.

A macroscopical vision shaping : Using the simple and succinct shaping and three-dimensional composition, the majestic appearance that the big roc spreads the wings and soars appears, symbolize Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation pursue being outstanding and healthy and strong goal constantly and wish the scene.
  Vigor vigor : Work up the arc shaping and form forward , upward globality with law, symbolize and pursue ‘ higher , farther , better corporate culture’ , represent Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation ‘s quick , courageous and resolute action strength in Taiwan, with the willpower that is surmounting constantly

Chinglish at its most sublime.


8.50 in the am

36 degrees