A triptych at The Pumphouse – Panel 1. Murrays Nirvana

Nirvana by name, nirvana by taste

Nirvana by name, nirvana by taste

Your correspondent has talked up The Pumphouse beer selection in an earlier bar review. Well, as part of this tasting, I am going to do it again. If anything it has got better. The range of local, especially, and foreign boutique and small brewery beers is superb. The staff are knowledgeable and are always keen to know your preferences and see if they can add to the range.

It is important to note that I was riding the wave of a work function which helps due to the rather high cost of some of these bad boys.

Now to the first panel of the beer triptych, Murrays Nirvana Pale Ale.

Murrays Craft Brewing Co. has featured several times in our reviews. They punch out some extremely drinkable orange (and not so orange) whips. Though the website has taken a rather extreme bent, it does lay out their quite extensive and fast expanding range. The Nirvana Pale Ale is quite superb. It was great way to get out of the blocks on a hot Friday post hooter set too. A refreshing sweetness and a rich, spicy flavour.

It also had a nice follow through with a fair load of sediment remaining in the glass. Normal for a Pale Ale?

Murrays Nirvana Pale Ale

Follow through