Cascade Stout & Lord Howe Island Bowling Club

This BotF correspondent has just spent the last week on Lord Howe Island. One of the attractions of Lord Howe Island is that there is no mobile phone contact (a deliberate vote by the LHI Board). There is limited internet available also, and the two public terminals operate at the speed of an old 56k modem running through a Commodore 64 computer. So – there’s a few blogs backed up.

First evening was spent at the Lord Howe Island Bowling Club, which sits next to the Lord Howe Island football field. The permanent population of Lord Howe Island is around 350 people and amazingly a bloke that toured with the Wallabies (but never played a test) grew up on the island. Adrian “Moose” Skeggs still visits his many relatives and there is a tribute to him on the walls of the bowling club.

The LHI Bowling Club is a fine establishment. The green is in good nick (not surprising as it rains often on LHI). 4 beers on tap, where the taps have to travel about 3 feet to the kegs on the other side of the wall. $4.30 a schooner, which is a good price for LHI , where very little is cheap. The LHI Bowling Club copped a flogging during BotF’s stay.

In addition to the tap beer, the LHI Bowling Club had about 10 stubbies available including Cascade Stout. This is a great stout, which lives up to the promise on the label of being “Smooth and Rich”. Pours nice a dark – not black – but a deep, deep brown. Straight up and down stout, with a clean, lingering after taste of roasted bitterness. Nice strength too at 5.8%. I’d love to try this on tap. Big fan.