SCG and VB strength

Promised Bladdamasta would start doing a few more blogs –  although a few people may wish I started with something different.

Anyway here we go …. along with fellow BOF’er, Punchy, decided at the last minute to go the SCG for the last day of a Ashes series and witness for ourselves history in the making.

With only 3 wickets left in the Aussie 2nd innings we did not expect to there very long. We arrived at the SCG at about 10.45am, play had already started and a stubborn partnership by Smith and Siddel was holding up proceedings.  A passing squall started some thoughts of whether England would be denied, although to be honest I did not care the Ashes were safe and Aussies cricket team, well were at best lets just say were on the ropes.

Whilst we waited for the shower to pass we sampled a couple of the VB mid-strengths, not a beer I would normally buy, but with the euphoria of the occasion it really did not matter.  We spotted this slightly deflated Aussie fan (not many in the crowd)  – did not know Skippy was a fan.

A couple of beers, a new shirt and hat for Punchy and off we went to join the Barmy Army.  A brilliant atmosphere, singing, it was like being back in blighty ….  

We didn’t have to wait too long, the 3 wickets were taken before lunch – an innings and 80 odd runs victory to England. ……. “3-1 to the Eng- er-land, 3-1 to Eng-er-land” rained supreme. We hung around with the Barmy Army as the players did a lap of honour.

On the way back to the city, we had a quick beer at the Captain Cook, outside the SCG, the pub was full of England fans and the atmosphere was sensational, so many happy cricket fans. What a day …  

 PS. Will do a few more blogs soon …… excuse the indulgence on this one