BotF gets the MFF and watches new Beer

The only way that BotF would get either Fast Ferry service is to watch a live sporting event, even one as depressing as the current Ashes Series. The Manly Fast Ferry has one thing going for it over the great, magnificent and irreplaceable traditional Ferry and that is the presence of TVs.

BotF bought some reasonably priced Heineken and settled in upstairs to watch 20 minutes of cricket. Short term panic set in when Deal or No Deal was on the telly. Fortunately the staff will still do anything for its patrons and they flicked over to the cricket.

At least beer was involved in multiple ways on an antiseptic trip. Watched the new Beer in the Aussie team bowl quite promisingly. Can’t believe he was dudded of his first wicket. He would’ve had that wicket in the old pre-tech days.

I can’t work out what is happening with the two Fast Ferry services. Both continue to operate. They seem to be hanging in there. Actually I don’t care and I look forward to getting the old service tomorrow evening.