Kirin, Oprah and Jim Clark’s big boat

A trio of BotF’s congregated on a later than usual ferry, and it was quite packed. The installation of a number of seats out the back also adds to the crowding. Using the BotF Beer List as a guide, we were able to purchase a hitherto unreviewed beer.

Kirin First Press Beer is brewed in Yokohama, Japan by one of the brewing world’s giants – Kirin. Whilst it is not quite beer label hyperbole, the bottle craps on about the use of ingredients when they are at the finest in a process called Megumi. There is no doubt that Kirin is a very clean tasting beer. Very little hop presence and it would be easy to knock of 6 of these on a hot day.

The harbour was buzzing and in the background of the first photo you can see the preparations for the Oprah event. It is probably unrelated, but a gentleman who may be as wealthy as Oprah – Jim Clark, the founder of Netscape – was also making his presence felt on the harbour. His boat (to which the photo doesn’t do justice) was moored near Watson’s Bay. We’ll be keeping an eye out for who’s on deck.