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Bazaar Beer Cafe

Bazaar Bazaar

Odd cafe, odd position. A couple of BofT members made the effort and trekked to the Bazaar Beer Cafe at St Leonards. It’s out of the way and was pretty empty (it was a bazaar time to visit – mid arvo on a Thursday).

Bazaar frames itself as a typical European-style beer café. It also claims it is the only place in the north shore area offering traditional Eastern European cuisine complemented by Czech beers on tap and unique spirits. BotF did not try the traditional cuisine but the beers available were excellent. The overall feel is cosmopolitan and very welcoming as compared to its cavernous Bavarian and Belgian brethren proliferating across the city and suburbs.

BotF would like to visit again on a rowdy Friday evening to test the atmosphere – and the rest of the beer list.