Pepperjack Ale – tasty but misguided



Pepperjack Ale is part of a relatively recent surge in premium beers being punched out by vineyards of note. The vineyard in this case is Saltram.

Now don’t get me wrong. It is a nice drop with rich flavours and emminently drinkable. Even with some of Saltram’s famous Barossa Valley Shiraz thrown in to the mix. However, I probably wouldn’t buy it again and would rely on the ‘esky raffle’ to taste it again.

The main reason for this is the worrying trend it perpetuates. It comes in a 4-pack, the bottles are only 330ml and 4 are more expensive than 6 primo quality imports that I’d normally but from the Brookie Drive In.

Maybe nice as a wedding present or in the Xmas hamper. But not as my regular Friday night, farewell to the coal face, gift to myself, reward for a job well done premium orange whip. This would be a Fat Yak or Wicked Elf Pilsener (this month anyway).