The Den – 24/7 sports heaven

The Den is a Beijing institution. It may not be the oldest expat bar in Beijing, but it is a place pretty much everyone has been to if they visit Beijing – even Mrs BotF.

It is conveniently located between Sanlitun and Gongti and is open 24 hours a day. One bloke spent 4 days straight there once, and the lads took turns to accompany him through the session. I do believe some pills also helped.

Plenty of TVs and it is a great venue to watch any sport (Ashes, NFL, NBA, NRL AFL and as the 3rd picture shows – Super 14). It’s traditionally had 5 Australian beers available and I wanted to have Crownie, when I visited – but the barmaid informed that there was no Aussie beer left. Maybe a large session or maybe a dispute between the supplier and the publican, which in Beijing is more likely. In a city that changes weekly, the Den is a constant.