Harbin Ice, Yanjing and Chips – AUD$2.63 in total.

Today’s beer porn features two staples of the Chinese long neck diet. These were purchased from the clubhouse shop of the compound in which Tony from Toowoomba lives. In the is Tony’s 3 story house (not including the basement). It has been a joy to stay here.

The two long necks – which are admittedly only 600ml in volume – cost 4RMB each, and the Hot and Sour Fish Soup Flavour Lay’s were $6.50RMB each.

Yanjing is just about the most common beer that I’ve seen on the streets. In the morning, blokes are taking milk crates of empties away and the evening the locals are sitting around their hutongs tucking into a few. The second photo has the evidence, along with some hutong wildlife. Tsing-Tao is also very popular, but I recking Yanjing probably has the majority of hearts, minds and livers of the average Beijinger. It is starting to flex its export muscles and it would be in my Chinese stock portfolio if I had one. As to taste, it’s fine. Nothing offensive, nothing outstanding.

Harbin Ice is brewed by Harbin Brewery, which as previously discuss is the oldest brewer in China, but is now owned by AmBev or someone like. If Ice is in the title, it is an indicator of an absence of taste. Best thing to do is freeze it and drink it very fast on a very hot day.