Aus Wheat Beer and Beer Chinglish

Outside of the main centres, little general stores abound. You can buy everything from soft drink, beer, noodles, clothes pegs, cleaning equipment, meat, swimmers etc. They are generic in appearance, but have a different eclectic range. BotF pulled in to buy some supplies for the day’s visit to the Great Wall by the sea at Shanhaiguan and spotted a beer with a kangaroo on the label. Unfortunately the label is too difficult to read in the photo, but what it essentially says is that Bull Beer – the brewery – has carefully selected the best Australian Wheat because it has spent 16 hours a day in the sun and therefore ensures a really good beer.

Nice idea, but something was missed between the selection of fine Australian wheat and the brewing, because unfortunately this tasted like bilge water. So much so that it was an effort to get it down.

The second photo is of a beer label, where the only English on the entire label is “Taste of Life, Return to Self-Heating”. Looks like a Yanjing bottle, but the labelling gives nothing else away, including the bottle top. Beer had some taste.