Age of Burning Lives Bar, Qinhuangdao

BotF ventured to the seaside town of Qinhuangdao with his daughter and Tony from Toowoomba’s family for the weekend. Qinhuangdao was a venue for the Olympics in 2008 and hosted mens and womens soccer and the windsurfing. Nearby is a beach “resort” town called Beidaihe and to the North is a town called ShanhaiGuan where the Great Wall meets the ocean.

Whilst trying to find our hotel, I kept an eye out for a drinking hole, but other than the ubiquitous KTV (karaoke) barns, Qinhuangdao looked like a place free of drinking establishments (not that BotF was expecting to get away). Later on, BotF had to venture out onto the streets to purchase a swimsuit for his daughter and was stunned to discover in his travels the most unusually name bar he’d seen. There must be some Chinglish going on with the name “Age of Burning Lives Bar”, but despite looking, the insides of the bar offered no clue as to the origins of the name. The insides of the bar were intricately decorated and almost everything was covered in graffiti.

There were two kids running the bar when I walked in and they were very pleased with my “Feishung Hao” or “Very Good” comments, but I couldn’t get any further conversation going other than gesticulations to find out more about this place. Presumably it has live music. Tony from Toowoomba may get back to Qinhuangdao before I do, and if he does – I’ll get him to report back.

A quick googling doesn’t reveal any reference to “Age of Burning Lives” as a phrase so it remains a mystery. Love to be there if this place went off though.