Brooklyn Beers in Beijing

Plenty of US expats in Beijing, and some importer has worked out that they love a boutique beer as opposed to a Bud or a Coors, which is inflicted upon the Chinese pretty heavily. The Brooklyn Brewery is an excellent company that was founded in the late 80’s and produces a range of distinctive beers. Two of these beers have made it to Beijing, and most expat bars will stock them and some supermarkets will also have them.

Brooklyn Lager is a smooth, hoppy beer that could be drunk by the container load. Brooklyn East India Pale Ale, on the other hand, is not a quaffer. This is a really bitter, strong beer – almost getting to the squinting range of bitterness. After a couple of blander normal strength beers, you’ll be kicked in the head by this. 6.9% and the strength of taste – you’ll know you’ve been drinking an Indian Pale Ale. I’ve had my one for the trip, and will wait until my next visit for another.