Montauk / The Dock

The tourist catch cry is “Montauk – The End”. And it is. Right at the eastern tip of Long Island, past all the button down collars and piles of wedge in the Hamptons.

Montauk virtually shuts down in the winter. So the place is wind blown and deserted. But strangely pleasant. It is a fully functioning fishing port with kilometres of wharves full of fishing trawlers and bars full of trawlermen watching the baseball.

The Dock was one we chose for a drink and dinner. We could have chosen “The Liars Den” or “Cod & Tackle” but the “The Dock” looked fuller and happier.

After all the fabulous beers I have found in the states, The Dock only had Bud, Heineken and Bass (from the UK). I was aghast. I chose the Bud. Nothing to be said.

The food however was excellent. All clams, mussels and lobsters. And the bar had a line of trawlermen watching the baseball. Heaven.

The Dock
Address: 482 W Lake Dr, Montauk, NY 11954, USA (select for map)