Chopper Read on the bridge – he’s hard

Last week we witnessed the mad motorcyclist texting in shorts along Military Road. Today, with Sydney shivering in a 7 degree morning, we witnessed Chopper Read driving with the top down across the Harbour Bridge. Now it is probably a thrill to have a convertible and with a clear blue sky in Sydney, it looked like the day to drive with the top down, but surely the temperature has to be above 15 degrees.

BotF member, Carly was wearing about 4 layers this morning, yet our mate Chopper is cruising along top man. He truly is a hard man.

Today, our overseas correspondent, Mick, is returning home, but fortunately I’m heading to Beijing and Carly is heading Stateside so BotF readers will continue to be regaled with stories of bars and beers from overseas.

Big night on BotF this evening with a Ferry Farewell. Plenty of new members to be inducted this evening.