Brooklyn Bridge / Brooklyn Pilsener

Your correspondent’s trip to the New World is fast drawing to a close. So many beers, so little time. I hope to finish with a sprint. Lots of beers in the photo gallery.

Firstly, it’s Brooklyn Pilsener. Mrs botf dragged me to a design show in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn. Pleasantly they had a bar that I could lean on while viewing Eames inspired furniture. The pilsener was excellent. Long poured from manual tap and light on the fizz (there is a theme here). Not as good as the Wicked Elf Pilsener ( reviewed earlier ) but not far off. The plastic cup was the only downside.

As an aside, Brooklyn is a must for future NYC visits. No more ‘Welcome Back Kotter’ tenements but cool bars and restaurants a la Sydney’s Glebe.