$17 for two beers? You are having a lend – surely.

BotF was delighted to see a new drinking holr emerge near Wharf 3. Variety is the spice of life.

Two of the founding members gave the newest addition a red hot go, but the only word that comes to mind is underwhemed. At the end of the day, the Capital Grill is an overpriced, under serviced venue on a walk way into an office block. They”re trying hard and they have a captive audience, but when you are a restaurant on a ramp into an office block – you can’t take punters for granted,

BotF wanted a quick libation before the journey home. We were promised two for one. Two thimbles of admittedly well presented beer – but still two thimbles were presented. Now $17 for two beers is steep in anyone’s language, even if you are a hedge fund manager. We were on our own coin – it is too much. Peroni is a good drop, but being reamed as you drink is unacceptable.

Go there on someone else’s coin, otherwise go to the Paragon.