Fishos triumph again

Fishos darts continue their undefeated run for the season beating the highly favoured Manly Leagues 1 by 8-5.

The new format for this season is 4 games of triples (801, sudden death), 3 games of doubles (601, best of 3 legs) and 6 games of singles (501, best of 3 legs).

The triples is a bit of a failed experiment. With a home and away board in play that’s 12 people playing, which often leaves no-one available to chalk or more importantly keep up supplies, so the game is often on-hold waiting someone attending to essentials so its impossible to get any rhythm or form. Add the sudden death element and results can be quite random. I’m sure triples will be gone next season.

Manly Leagues 1 use the Australian Cricket team tactics book, so the game is hard fought. Charlie got called on front foot placement several times when he was about to throw which is quite unsettling. For future reference, Fishos use the front of the occy…not the back so his foot placement was fine. 

Back at Fishos this Wednesday for another home game.