Bourgogne de Flandres – a meaty Belgian

Wow. THe Belgians certainly know how to produce a complex drop. Yet another unusual stubbie from the Porters’ bottlo on Sydney Road, Balgowlah – the Bourgogne de Flandres was one of the most enjoyable drops I’ve had for some time. Packing a powerful 6% punch, this is a beer for savouring. A really yeasty (but pleasant) nose and a broad rich taste makes this memorable. I really wish I had some vintage cheddar to go with this.

The origins of this beer are hard to find. There is plenty of info on the bottle, but the 1765 date doesn’t look to have any basis in fact. The beer belongs to a weird collection of beers under the label – the Anthony Martins Finest Beer Selection – which includes Guiness(!?). In any case – it is a genuinely good drop. Prepare and have something good to eat with it.