Tooheys New


Tooheys New.

‘Nough Said.

This my friends is the King of Beers. You can parade your boutiques, 330mls, 345mls, heavily scented offerings, fancy labellings, variations of glassed packaging, ostentatious display, poetically licenced claptrap, enamouring to foreign lands and associated lifestyles and environments. If you are Australian, or even Norwegian for that matter, if you want a refreshing ‘beer’, with flavour, then everything stops here. You may get close with a VB, an MB, a Carlton Draft, Crown, Boags, Cascade or perhaps an Old. Full-stop. There are no other contenders. Everything else is an exercise in marketing.

John Thomas and James Matthew Toohey were the sons of Irish immigrants who settled in Melbourne and ran ‘The Limerick Arms’ and ‘The Great Britain’ pubs. They moved to Sydney in the 1860’s and in 1869 bought a brewery. The stag on the bottle came from the brothers good times at their favourite establishment, ‘The Bald Faced Stag’. This venue is still in operation today on Parramatta Road in Leichardt, Sydney. Whilst Old has been around since the brothers early brewing efforts, New surfaced in 1931.

Now, if your at the bar, the brothers have made it simple for you.

One word required.

‘Old’ or ‘New’.

And you will get true refreshment. 

As they say….’No B.S.’

The King of Beers.