Cintra Pilsener


A sede suado precisa de uma cerveja fria
E que a cerveja é pequeno resfriado….

Cintra Pilsener.

Roughly translated from the Portugese the above phrase equates to –
A hard earned thirst needs a small cold beer
And that small cold beer is…….

Yes, I believe this beer to be Portugals equivalent to Australia’s household VB. An easy drinking, thirst slaking refreshment to keep the mind focused on the task at hand with the reward to come.

In Australia we may have the sweat upon the brow doing the dishes; mowing out the pitch prior to Macca opening up the batting in the backyard at Mum’s; or castrating sheep between the teeth in the harsh Australian outback…activities most true blooded Aussies would indulge in over the course of their years all with the thought of a ‘coldie’ awaiting completion of task.

Alternately I can picture generations of Portugese with big black moustaches, beneath blue and white checked hankies folded at the corners covering the pate from Atlantic glare working through their daily tasks all with the thought of a Cintra frosting in the fridge. Tiling Mario’s new crappa; pickling olives, eggplant, offal, or anything alse lying around the garage; or leading a donkey laden with an inordinate number of porons (perhaps the donkey’s dreaming of a brew).

Set me a task. But also set me my reward.

ps – whilst the Cintra is an easy drinking drop, i’m not so sure the Portugese have yet moved on from their thirst quencher of choice. Whilst this site is dedicated to the fermentation of grains, the Portugese are firmly entrenched in the fermentation of fruits. The grape in particular. The evolution of their quest has led to the invention of the poron. A semi circular vessel used to store and pour the fermented product. Effectively a rough-sewn goats bladder. Is it folly to muse said donkey carrying hundreds of these filed with Cintra to Marios?