Murray’s Craft Brewery – worth a visit.

As promised in a recent post I took the opportunity to visit Murray’s brewery and I even got the opportunity to meet Murray.

MBC has moved its brewing equipment lock, stock and barrel to a more convenient location around 20kms south of Nelson Bay. MBC cleverly shares premises with a winery so you can take the missus along.

BotF drove so was restricted to the 6 beer tasting rack. All of MBC’s regular beers can be tried and there is an order to it all. The rack finishes with a flurry and if you see Grand Cru or Icon – grab a 4 pack and be blown away.

Murray’s a genial chap and a great source of info about all things beer. He produces a monthly one off beer and did a pumpkin beer for Halloween. 20 kilos of pumpkin in 1200 litres of beer.

The brewery features live music and a menu designed to match the beer and wine. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

BotF was also delighted to pick up a beer t-shirt for the collection.