The cantina reopens – Sundown Lager

Sundown LagerSundown is another lager in the ever burgeoning stable of James Squire beers. Your correspondent is a fan of Jim’s output and this does not change with Sundown. If you can over the guff written on the label (this practice is becoming increasingly prevalent and let’s hope it does not reach the levels seen on Australian wines – ludicrous) the beer is very refreshing and a perfect accompaniment for any BBQ or, indeed, any cantina reopening. The poetry on the label mentions “thirst quenching” and while this should be the raison d’etre for any beer it is especially the case for Sundown lager.

One slight concern is the bottle size. 345ml. My feeling is that Australian beers should be 375ml. Anything smaller smacks of “schmiddie”.

PS James Squire also falls into the bracket of the “first brewer in Australia” claim. Is this a controversy up there with the oldest surf club?