The Announcement

As usual, the back of the ferry is the only place to be for any news of import.

Wil calmly announced, amid a totally unrelated conversation, that the planet will be graced with yet another Unwin.

Congratulations to Wil and Cris. Apparently much has been sacrificed for the continuation of the Unwin lineage, including a surf trip with the lads to the East Indies.

So as to celebrate this news in style, the back of the ferry team de-camped to the 4 Pines Brewing Company (see separate bar review).

A marvellous venue that serves fantastic beer in back of the ferry-approved pint glasses.

This joint is a bit of a sleeper with quite a gaggle of Manly lasses (or in Wil’s words “…from young bunnies to old boilers…”), present. They are attracted, no doubt, by the prime specimens serving behind the bar.