Session Nov 29 2009

Latte sur Manly by Two Big Paws.

Sat: Small and inconsistent levels of S’ly swell at south facing beaches around an inconsistent 0.5-1ft. Expect long waits between sets. Light to moderate NW winds, tending W/NW during the a’noon and easing (possibly tending light and variable).
Sun: Effectively flat with tiny 0.5ft waves at open beaches. Moderate W/NW winds, swinging W/SW during the a’noon.

Welcome to the new world of surf sessioning, washuping, reporting, and tea leaving.

From this day on you will be created a s a member on the ‘BOTF" blog site, which will direct you on all matters surfing……as well as keep you up to date on the ferry lads exploits on matters ranging from beer consumption, personal profiles, darts, word of the day, recipes, etc…there is even a growing call to pull Chirpy Chops out of retirement.

This weekends forecast is tres ordinaire.

7.30AM Sunday Curly thence directly move on to Curlies Cafe

Note the later start this week in order to ensure the cafe is open, otherewise poor Marnie will be doing bacon and eggies.