Annandale Hotel, You Am I

13 November 2009. I journeyed across the 3 bridges with Ken and Mags to see You Am I at the Annandale Hotel. Racket members were also in attendance and after a great support act (Laurels or Holy Soul – they didn’t say their name) we were revved up for Tim and the crew.

Tim was in fine voice – clear and strong, and the sound the four guys produce is so solid and tight. Unfortunately, just as you could sense momentum was building – there was equipment failure. Happened a couple of times and there was a sense of awkwardness between the crowd and band. The signature arm flailing got a run and there were some great renditions of individual songs – but the stop start nature of the gig prevented it from being something special.

That said, it was great to be at the Annandale. Legendary interior – couches, graffitied walls and great black and white pictures of indie bands from the ages. I tried a new beer – Lovells Lager. Schooner for Kenny and me. Now I hate to bag an independent Aussie brew, and I’ll reserve judgment until I try a stubbie – but it was very difficult to get down. It could have been dud pipes, as there was that slightly off taste. Ken had a similar view.