Crafty Bavarian Brewing Company and Hop Dog – oh, that’s Hop Dock

If you get off the bus at Wynyard you can’t but notice some coin being dropped by the Bavarian Beer Cafe on bus shelter advertising. Unlike much of their previous advertising, there’s no cleavage in sight. Bavarian’s gone craft beer on us, and some fair priced lunch specials as well. I do like the burgers.

Ein Stein (boom boom)

It’s s remarkable tribute to the influence of the craft beer movement that a restaurant chain that has based its value proposition on beer has felt the need to expand its range of malt beverages to include craft beer. As always Brews News gives the detailed low down, but apparently the customers wanted it. I don’t mind the occasional Bavarian Beer Cafe experience. I love a Dunkel and the tasting plate or Schnitzel is a good honest feed. I’d never think to say “hey, love this but you should introduce craft beer”. I’m not visiting Bavarian for that.

Beer and cleavage – must be Bavarian

The range is brewed by two contract Brewers in NSW and Victoria, though I’m not sure about the Munich Lager (surely that’s German brewed). The range is nice and safe – low carb lager (craft?, but I quibble), a pale and a wheat. Modest IBUs and comfortable ABVs. Nothing challenging here, but very drinkable beers. The Tagline is “After 500 years of pure Bavarian brewing traditions, we’ve decided to reinvent craft beer – the Bavarian way. “. Yeah, in Sydney!

Hop Dock or Hop Dog

It must be tough to name beers. With 10s of 1000s of them around, it would be challenging. Crafty Bavarian’s website invites you to “meet the ladies” (aah, there’s the cleavage) – who would seem to have had some name changes very early on. “Bondi Bombshell Blonde” is Blonde Moment and “Hop Dog” has become Hop Dock (huh?). Thanks to BotF UnTappd follower Aaron for pointing out to a rather sleepy correspondent that a certain South Nowra brewer may not have been so pleased about this. I seem to recall a Bondi Beer from a few years ago as well. Well, I’ve got a couple of rare coasters, the majority of which will be in s shredder no doubt.

Sydney Wine & Beer Merchants – a reason to go to Terrey Hills

Don't let's its size fool you

Don’t let’s its size fool you

I started writing this post a year ago, so the tale is out of date. I visited this gem of a bottlo again last week – and it has maintained the craft beer rage.

I don’t get to Terrey Hills often. It’s a place I’ll drive past on rare occasions (like when visiting Kimbriki Tip) or to on even less frequent occasions (like accompanying the missus to a nursery to do some heavy lifting). So like I said, I don’t get to Terrey Hills very often. Anyway, the missus button-holed me. Council clean-up no longer exists, so it’s now do it yourself. “Surely you can do a trip to Kimbriki”. As I started to sigh, I recalled a discussion with someone, can’t remember who, that there was a bottlo in Terrey Hills with no less than 7 Growler Taps. I really couldn’t believe it, but did a little research and sure enough – apparently the Sydney Wine Merchants do beer. So whilst I wasn’t entirely convinced, I agreed with an enthusiasm that I’m sure the missus saw through, that I’d make the trip to the Kimbriki Tip.

Seven - yep - Seven Growler Taps

Seven – yep – Seven Growler Taps

Tip Trip done, I ventured into Terrey Hills. 6 Booralie Road is the address. Drove down Booralie Road – no sight of a bottlo. Should’ve figured, but I gave it one last look. Ah – Shop 7/6 Booralie Road, which is actually in Yulong Street. It exists. Sydney Wine + Beer Merchants. Phenomenal range of craft beers, with strong representation from New Zealand and the US.  Garage Project, Stone, Tuatara etc.


Taps on Saturday 23/1/16

The “Craft Filling Station” is awesome. Seven taps on the go. Even had a ginger beer when I visited last. Their Facebook site updates their tap list. They even have spare growler lids. So there you have it, a hidden gem of a bottelo.

Drones, seals and Conviction Blueberry Wheat

First time for everything on the Back of the Ferry. We’d just passed by Fort Denison when one of the lads spotted a drone. Came right over the Back of the Ferry and had a good look at us as we had a good look at it. It really moved and zipped off towards Kirribilli. Can’t imagine it’ll be the last time.

Drone (l) and BotF flagpole (r)

As we cruised past Dobroyd an all too rare event occurred. A seal frolicked off the port stern. Came up a few times. Wonder if it is the one that visits the Opera House.

First visit to Harts for 2016. Rocks Brewing have just launched a Blueberry Wheat beer. Not just in kegs, but in bottles as well. So many fruit beers at the moment. Great colour and very drinkable.


Some nitro and blue

Happy Australia Day for tomorrow. Great to see the Manly Wharf freshen up its flags for the occasion. Need to get one of those Sydney Flags for the Cantina.

Tap King discontinued – glad I didn’t buy one!

21/01/2016 2 comments

Much to Missus Bladdamasta’s chagrin, I have been known to be an early adopter. Sometimes this has been very costly (the first Kia Carnival comes to mind. An early blue tooth key board for an iPad etc). 

i wonder how many Tap Kings Lionel has?

When I first heard about Tap King, the gimmickiness appealed and I came close to mindlessly buying.  Porters at Balgowlah got ’em in early, but I don’t think I ever got a decent beer pulled from one. The Lionel Ritchie ad was brilliant, but I resisted. I think by that stage I already had about 5 growlers – and could fill them with beer that I wanted to drink as opposed to Lion product.

Beer and Brewer today has advised that the Tap King has been discontinued. Dodged a bullet there. Did anyone out there buy one?

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Spontaneously Fermented beer from @DrsOrderBrewin & Bridge Road @nakedned


Compelled. to try

Managed to sneak in half an hour and three middies of fabulously different beer late in the week. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try a collaboration between a BotF favourite (Doctor’s Orders) with Bridge Road.

The two brewers have gotten together to come up with a range of Berliner Weisse beers. There’s a four pack available from Bridge Road direct, but there’s also a couple of venues with them on tap. As originally created, a Berliner Weisse has its edge taken off with a squirt of syrup (like raspberry). The collaboration solves that by adding the fruit for you.


Beautiful taps

Hotel Sweeney’s might have been the first with ’em and the tap heads looked mighty fine with their double livery.

Four varieties available – base, rhubarb, raspberry and grapefruit. The barmaid enthusiastically recommended I blend them (rhubarb and grapefruit her suggestion), but time was limited. I tried the grapefruit first, which is a real thirst quencher. The raspberry was magic with a genuine raspberry taste (like the fruit not the lolly). The rhubarb didn’t come through, but if I lay my hands on the four pack, I’ll be giving that a go.

Definitely an experience worth trying.

Great looking beers

@untappd news – they’ve been taken over

I’ve just seen the news from Brewbound. Back of the Ferry’s go-to beer check in app has “merged” with, ie been taken over by Next Glass.


Homepage (for now)

Interesting snippets from the full article:

– the founders were only part-time

– almost 3 million users

– the company taking over @untappd has only been around since 2014

Good luck Tim and Greg. Hopefully you’ll still have time in your full time gigs to reply to illiards suggestions.

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Sunkissed Bar and Grill formerly known as Murrays, Rubber Duckie and Yardarm Taphouse

SunKissed 1

Sunkissed Bar and Grill

In May 2011, Manly beer drinkers became very excited when Murray’s took over an el primo site on the Manly Beach Front. Regettably it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the venue and in less than four years, the fourth management team has taken over and the fourth name has adorned the doors.

Yardarm Taphouse

Vale Yardarm Taphouse

The last incarnation, the Yardarm Taphouse, actually lasted a little over a 2 years. For a while there, it looked like the Yardarm might have had some staying power.  There was a couple of tap takeovers and every now and then, some cool stuff would make its way on to the taps.  However the same problems that afflicted Murray’s started to occur. Staff turnover increased and no-one really knew anything about the beer that was being served.

Rubber Duckie Taphouse

The least lamented name

So, now the venue is called Sunkissed bar and grill.  I’ve only been once, but there’s been one significant improvement, which is the addition of steak to the menu. I haven’t been able to ascertain the intent of the new owners yet.  Interestingly they had a beer from Fox Hat Brewing, which I hadn’t heard of before. (Clearly not reading Crafty Pint closely enough!). Vale Brewing’s offshoot has produced a Lusty Lager that was quite tasty.  There was a reasonable crowd on this particular night so I couldn’t ask whether this was a leftover order from the previous management or an intentional act by the new crowd.

Murray's at Manly

Heady opening nights

The space is big, the views are magic and the watching the passing parade of people on the esplanade is constantly interesting. Someone should really be able to make a go of such a well located venue. There are plenty of places in Manly that are constantly full that don’t have the same outlook.  We’ll wish the proprietors of Sunkissed Bar and Grill all the best. Clearly, they’ll need it – given the history of the location.

Murray's at Manly (4)

Murrays at Manly


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