Drinking in Townsville – Mile High Lager

As is the norm with Australian air travel, I am waiting for my delayed flight to board. So I can dash off a quick post. With my job #airportdrinking is a thing. I can see where the inspiration for the Hoodoo Gurus’ 1000 Miles Away came from. Stomping Ground brews beer at Melbourne Airport, but I reckon this is the first beer brewed for a specific airport. Townsville has been fun and this won’t the last “Drinking in Townsville” post.

One of the places I visited was the Townsville Brewery. Outstanding. There’s a beer they make that you can only get in one venue. Mile High Lager only available at an unnamed bar at the bottom of the departure escalators of the Townsville Airport. Nothing special – but it is cold, wet and alcoholic and sensibly has an ABV of 4%. Let’s face it, given how long flight delays are any stronger and it would be dangerous.