#airportdrinking and the Coopers Alehouse, Adelaide Airport

Back in the early noughties, and separately in the mid noughties, I spent a fair amount of work time in Adelaide. Never in the CBD – Bedford Park and Glenelg. Inductee #3 pommy_ch was often a travelling companion. We never strayed too far off the beaten path back then – and our favourite place was the Coopers Bar at Adelaide Airport.

Should become permanent

I got very adept at talking very fast at the last meeting before we’d head to the airport. Occasionally and fortuitously the last meeting would get blown off, which was even better. Coopers is one of those beers which is so much better off the tap. I loved Dark Ale back then and knocking off a pint and buying the matching t-shirt from the Airport Alehouse was a treat.

I reckon the Alehouse has moved. The ravages of time make me uncertain whether the airport is different or the Alehouse has moved or both. What I am certain about is that there is no merch anymore. And the Coopers merch was quality – simple white or black rugged tee with a label in the centre. Green, Red, Yellow and Black or the brown Dark logo. They’ve got Adelaide Airport branded schooners – but won’t sell ‘em!

Old man Cooper

It is great to be back in Adelaide. I can safely say that the best thing about Adelaide is no longer the departure lounge and the Coopers Airport Bar. Gees that was a poor and informed “joke”. The brewery scene is awesome. More about that later. In the meantime – later Adelaide. And Coopers – make Regency Park Red a permanent. Fark it is good.