Quakers Hat Brewing – Manly Vale’s first brewery

It is so good to be able to write about visiting a brewery again. Our first Friday night out in 110 days and we are able to coincide that with a visit to a new taproom.

Modest frontage

Dave and his sons started home brewing near Quakers Hat Bay (near Beauty Point). They stepped it up by installing a brewery in Dave’s furniture shop in Manly Vale. They’ve done a great job in getting their beers into a number of bottlos on the insular peninsula and the north shore. And now as of Friday 17th October, you can have a Quakers Hat Brewing beer from the tap at their taproom.

Delicious beer on tap

Quakers Hat Brewing’s range has been tight and very solid. They’ve offered a Pale, a Kölsch, a Saison and a very, very good Red Rye IPA, which illiards and I have dying to try off the tap. Absolutely spectacular. Well worth the wait.

Happy campers

Quakers Hat Brewing can be found in a small industrial estate at the end of Campbell Parade opposite the Calabria Club. The Calabria Club is famous for its pizzas and it is great to see the community support they provide by supplying pizza to Quakers Hat. The grazing plate is pretty good too.


So Manly Vale has its first brewery. Nice line-up of merch. Really liking how most breweries are adding glassware to their merch range. Looking forward to more visits in the future an more of that Red Rye IPA on tap.

Quakers Hat Brewing: B14/1 Campbell Parade, Manly Vale NSW