KB Lager – nostalgic drinking

Confusion reigns

Every now and then, KB Lager turns up in a bottlo. People of my generation and older get all misty eyed and remember shaking hands with a cold gold KB. Given all the ownership changes to Australian mainstream beer over the years, it is little wonder that LiquorLand have confused Tooheys and CUB in relation to KB Lager (check the poster).

It is State of Origin night tonight. KB Lager has a long association with Rugby League. Matthew John’s alter ego Reg Reagan was a big fan of KB and I’m sure they were a jersey sponsor of the Australian RL team. They definitely sponsored the mid-week competition at one stage in the 80s. It always horrified me that VB was a jersey sponsor of NSW in recent times.

KB Lager was manufactured at the Kent Brewery, which was on Broadway in Central Sydney. John Tooth, the founder of Tooth & Co named his brewery after the English county from which he came. The Tooth horse logo is the symbol of Kent. It was often referred to as Kid’s Beer because it was sweet and very easy to drink. I reckon some KB merch would go like the proverbial. Two designs. The iconic poster below (which I happen to have) or the beer label on a plain white shirt.

How’s it taste? Innocuous and sweet.