Induction – Michael #135


Back in the mid-noughties, I worked with Michael on a fondly remembered project along with Inductees #3 and #4. Well the band is back together again and Michael took the opportunity to witness where many thorny project issues were solved back in the day. Business and IT would thrash things out out the Back of the Ferry by the Turn Bar and then discuss issues du jour the rest of the voyage home.

It has taken way too long, but Michael soon got the hang of it and project problems are being solved again.

Favourite Beverage: Pizzini Merlot

Favourite Sport to Spectate: AFL

Area of Trivial Expertise: Science & Technology

Favourite Pub of all time and why: Glenrowan Hotel, Glenrowan because 6 months after I’d last visited – the barman remembered my drink order.

Induction ceremony conducted by Inductees #1, #3, #4, #13, #56 and #133.

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