Quay Bar – a Covid casualty

A favourite stop-off point before the ferry to Manly was Quay Bar – either indoors or a summer favourite – outdoors. Sydney’s starting to open up again, and I thought they’d at least get the outdoor part of Quay Bar up and running. Alas as I strolled down Young Street, I spotted the sad sign saying that the Solomon family were done with pubs.

Maybe the spaces might rise again, but when a bin chicken and seagulls are your only clientele – it’s a long way back. Quay Bar had the odd unique in its day. The Monday to Wednesday happy hour was always welcome – particularly when I’d tell illiards the 5.30pm and I was down there by 5.01pm on a hot afternoon. Somehow he always made it for one schooner before the 5.30pm…

A bin chicken masquerading as a vulture