Hunter Beer Co becomes Foghorn Brewery


My go to Hunter Valley brewery has always been the Hunter Beer Co. Keith “The Beer Guy” always had some quirky on the taps (both in name and taste). And the Ploughman’s lunch was spectacular.

…and after

Well there’s been a pretty big change to the Nukalba based brewery. “Craft Accelerator” – Mighty Craft (formerly Founders’s First) has opened its wallet and turned the Hunter Beer Co into the Hunter Valley branch of Foghorn Brewery. Mighty Craft is the majority owner of the Newcastle based Foghorn Brewery, which is the home of Shawn Sherlock – the old Murray’s brewer. The investment has gone beyond simply buying the joint.

The bar has been sharpened up and the Foghorn livery is everywhere. The only sign of the Hunter Beer Co is a couple of bottles of Slaked Magpie in the well stocked takeaway fridge. There’s also a ton of merch.

They’ve also renamed the whole joint “The Mighty Hunter Valley” and revamped the menu. Regrettably the Ploughman’s is no longer.

Now that there’s some pretty serious competition from the cashed up Hope Estate, the Hunter Valley beer scene has just stepped up quite a notch. I look forward to a visit when I don’t drive.

The Mighty Hunter Valley: Lot 1, 9 Fleming Street, Nulkaba