Manly Hops – a new beer in Manly town

The always happy Leo

This correspondent has been very lax in not writing up Sketch Manly before now. Manly’s first and only Coffee, Craft Beer and Curry bar was a god-send during lockdown. Sketch’s fridges bulge with some of the best craft beer and they are forever being turned over.

Sketch is run by the indefatigable Leo and his parents. They turn out great curries and great times and their Hanji curry nights are terrific.

Leo strikes me as the entrepreneurial type and when a bloke loves his beer like Leo, it is no surprise that he has ventured into making his own.

Illiards and I were fortunate enough to get a couple of tickets to the launch of Leo’s small batch beer project – Manly Hops. The theory is pretty simple. Manly Hops will launch limited edition beers. Once they are gone – that is it and it is on to the next one. Given Leo’s eye for Merch, it is likely that each beer will be accompanied by its own shirt.

The first cab off the rank is Hazy by the Beach – a double dry hopped hazy XPA. In Leo’s words it is designed to feel like a misty shore breeze. It is a very bright drop. Plenty of hops. Obviously you can get it at Sketch Manly, but you’ll find it at a number of Northern Beaches bottlos including Winona and Manly Bottler. Leo was popular on the day, but we spoke briefly to him and he is committed to regular releases. Looking forward to them, Leo.

Sketch Manly: 19 Pittwater Rd, Manly 2095